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ERG Economy Longitudinal (EEL) Research

ERG ROI Research Report

Co-Branded ERG ToolKits

ERG Economy Longitudinal (EEL) Research

The groundbreaking ERG Economy Longitudinal (EEL) Research features actionable, longitudinal research on ERG leaders. Rather than a single, standalone survey, the EEL Research measures results over time and with multiple questionnaires per cohort per year. This pioneering methodology provides continuous snapshots and trends that will provide data on larger trends and subtle, behavioral nuances. Annual and ongoing reports furnish key stakeholders with practical actions and opportunities.

For more information on the ERG Economy Longitudinal (EEL) Research, you may download the flyer or send us an inquiry.

ERG ROI Research Report

Ever wonder what your ERGs’ dollar-based Return-on-Investment is? This offering measures that with both customized and proven metrics through the ERG ROI Research Report. This will demonstrate the value of ERGs to your organization, including its leadership, while motivating your ERGs further to show them that you really are invested in their continued successes. You can consider sharing the ROI numbers to attract talent and gain competitive advantage in the marketplace.

For more information about features and rates on the ERG ROI Research Report, please send us an inquiry.

Co-Branded ERG ToolKits

Elevate’s team of leading-edge designers will partner with you to envision and create a signature, unique ToolKit that is co-brand with your organization.  This consists of a visual, easy-to-apply tool, similar to the ones in The ERG Economy ToolBook, along with printable worksheets. We can also create animated videos, interactive case-study scenarios, as well as include interviews and quotes from your organization’s leaders. The ToolKit can be adapted more broadly, beyond ERGs, toward volunteer associations, student groups, and other member-based institutions. This will show mutual thought leadership that you can apply toward:

  • Talent Acquisition
  • Talent Development
  • Business and Marketplace Development
  • Community-Based Goodwill

For more information about features and rates on the Co-Branded ERG ToolKits, please send us an inquiry.


The ERG Economy training is the best I’ve seen in my career as a D&I professional. The training is fun and interactive and provides a host of valuable tools for ERGs to reach the next level

Sarah HelmHead of Diversity and Inclusion, Discover Financial Services

ERGs can be a lightning rod for recruiting, retaining and energizing company employees. The thoughts and ideas by the ERG Economy provides you with leading practices to ensure your ERG is the lightning rod for company and personal success.

Larry HarringtonVice President Internal Audit (Retired), The Raytheon Company

For anyone leading a people-powered organization, The ERG Economy is an essential read.

Sean GilDirector, Career Center, University of California, Riverside

The ERG Economy provides GPS-like guidance to move you from merely sustaining to success as an ERG leader or Diversity professional

Emanuel Brady JrVice President and Chief Diversity Officer. The Raytheon Company

The ERG Economy challenged me to continue building collaborative ERG organizations and harness their creative en-ergy to support our organizational objectives

Ondra BerrySenior Vice President, Talent and Performance, MGM Resorts International

The ERG Economy is an essential read and a key tool that all forward-thinking ERGleaders should use. If you want to grow and your ERGs to thrive, this is the book for you!

Wil LewisChief Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Officer, Experian

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