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How do you leverage the
untapped potential of ERGs?


Our Featured Solutions

ERG Leadership Courses

Tailored to ERGs, these leadership courses build diverse pipelines, align strategically with your organization, and operate effectively with limited resources.

ERG Learning & Development Packages

Packages feature multiple solutions to develop ERGs with maximum value, including the National ERG Summit, live trainings, ERG ToolBooks, and practical insights.

ERG Economy ToolBook

The premier book on ERGs with over 30 signature Elevate TrailBlaze Tools™ that present practical insights—more than any other ERG resource.

Customizable ERG Development Sessions

Experiential and interactive live sessions that develop your ERGs toward strategic teams, influential leaders, and innovative thinkers—with ERG purpose and passion.

Customizable ERG Sponsor Development Sessions

Tailored toward ERG Executive Sponsors, these sessions focus on Sponsors as strategic advisors and champions to maximize ERG impact and Return-on-Investment (ROI).

ERG ROI Research Report

Demonstrate your ERG’s impact with dollar-based Return-on Investment that yields insights on where to focus your ERG efforts to optimize their value.

Co-Branded ERG ToolKits

Co-Create Elevate ERG ToolKits with your organization’s brand to position yourselves as contributors to the ERG space.

ERG Leadership Longitudinal (EEL) Research

The groundbreaking ERG Economy Longitudinal (EEL) Research features actionable, longitudinal research on ERG leaders.

ERG Summit

Elevate’s signature national event featuring executive-level thought leaders—for practitioners by practitioners—invitation-only, no vendors, and cross-industry peer learning.

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